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Server Sales

graphicServers are very special computers. They need to be designed for the work they are expected to do. Before you can order the appropriate server hardware, you have to be able to approximate the following system requirements.

We can help you make these kinds of approximations and be sure you are not buying more than you need nor under powering your business.

Once we create your server will make the installation painless for you and your organization. Whether you are upgrading or adding a server to your network for the very first time we will assist you in a way that makes the installation seamless.

We will provide you with worksheets to capture your vision of how you want your network to augment your business. We will then implement your server integration to fulfill you vision.

If you don’t believe us you can ask anyone of our 100’s of clients.

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Server Configuration

When you purchase a file or application server you are only buying a computer that understands how to deliver data or application software to client workstations. How this server operates in your environment depends on its configuration. The security of your data in fact your entire company depends on how the server is configured.

Unless you too have 40 plus years of computer experience and understand computer security in today’s environment you need us. We have been configuring servers and usable security since networks were invented. Long before WINDOWS was even a thought, we were setting up servers and configuring networks. We started out on Wall Street in 1966 working for the major brokerage houses on very large Main Frame Computers. We now work on your systems, no one can configure a server like we can.

Making a server secure, reliable, fast and easy to use is a talent learned over decades of experience.

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