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All-Net Computer Solutions has been in business since 1986. We have been servicing PC’s since they were invented. In fact we have been in the computer service business since 1966. We all started on “Main Frame” computers that were introduced to Wall Street in NYC. We all worked on these computers for years. Many of us are Computer Design Engineers that work in various service or design positions in many of the largest computer companies in the world.

As computers started getting smaller we migrated to these smaller computers called mini-computers. We performed the same functions for these companies as we did on wall street. These machines were running all types of businesses because they were cheaper than Main Frames. They could change the nature of how things got done. We wanted to be involved with these changes and change how these companies got their work done.

When PC’s started to be the system that businesses started to use we moved to the PC service business. By 1993 most businesses were using PC Computers and PC Computer Networks. These networks were run by Novell, then Microsoft. We have been in this business since then.

The only thing that has changed since we worked on Wall Street computers is that they are smaller and faster. We have been delivering the same level of service for 44 years.

I have been involved with numerous computer companies as a Service Engineer, Design Engineer, Software Engineer, Manager and Consultant. I have taught at North Eastern, Harvard, and been a Masters advisor at Lesley College. Over the years I have deigned database systems, and custom application programs that are running big businesses. My company, All-Net Computer Solutions, has been involved with helping small business be successful for over 24 years. I am sure we can help you too!