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PC's, Laptops, Servers & Gaming Systems

all net sales and serviceWe have state of the art Gaming system, Intel Servers, Dual Core Duo Workstations and compact small format PC’s. All of our systems are backed by our 1 year warranty on parts and labor. Every system is build with name brand parts and components. We stand behind every system and guarantee customer satisfaction.

The systems that are shown on this site are only a small portion of the systems we can provide for your use. Call us for any computing need you may have, we can fulfill any request.

We provide un-paralleled installation support. All you have to do is order the system the rest is up to us. We will transfer your data and applications from your old system, or install any applications you may have. We can usually get you any application software you want a prices lower that you can purchase them yourself.

We will setup your system, printer, camera, and any other item you require. We will also do it when it is convenient for you not us. When the system is installed we will instruct you in how to use it.

Warranty Service

We are an official Warranty service center for Dell, Lenovo, Gateway and will perform warranty service for any brand in or out of warranty.