PC Tune Ups

PC Maintenance


PC Tune ups & Maintenance

Most computer systems require maintenance at least once a year. Even if you are very careful and only go to sites that are known to be safe. You only accept email from people that you know or businesses you have a long and safe history with. You run anti-virus and anti-spy or anti-malware programs every week. You still need to have your system tuned up. Just using your system on the internet will load it with small programs that are used to try to help you use the internet and your computer. Picture yourself trying to bake a cake or tune up your car with 30 helpers. The chances of completing the task are pretty near impossible. The same thing happens with your computer. Once all the programs are loaded and helping you, your system is so slow you forget what you wanted to use your system for.

Search bars, Peer to Peer Music(P2P), Spyware removal utilities, Certain anti-Virus programs, Unintentionally downloaded spyware programs, Advertising engines called Ad-Ware are all on your computer. We sanitize 10–15 systems every week and find 100’s of Virus infections, 1000’s of harmful items on your computer, 10’s of startup items that all take performance from your system. All of these system are protected by name brand anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

If you want your system to run like it was new and protect your identity from spyware you have to have to your system tuned up and your anti-virus updated once a year.